The name.

The name.

Spring 2019 and we still didn't have a name for the property!

Now most people would think this is a silly and unnecessary thing to do, but Sara and Heather have always found this sort of thing entertaining (or maybe just Heather). We all own a property together, we plan to live there for a long time, it would be fun to have a name for our homestead.

While Sara, Michaël, and Heather were on Vancouver Island together in the spring they started brain storming - potentially after a few drinks. Up until this point no one had come up with a name that seemed quite right.

Sara mentioned it could be a beer theme (we are beer lovers after all), and suggested a name like West Coast ESB [ESB - Extra Special Bitter]. Heather (who loves acronyms) then enthusiastically realized that the S and B in ESB could be for Sturm and Boutet. Then we could just change the letter E to R for Rioux! RSB would also be the perfect order for letters because of how many of each last name would be on the property - 3 Rioux, 2 Sturm, 1 Boutet.

West Coast RSB officially became the name. It seemed perfect and was like it was meant to be.

When Heather returned to Canmore, she let Gavin know the idea for the property name - West Coast RSB. He loved it. Then the two of them came up with another brilliant idea, to have a coat-of-arms for the property. Each quadrant could be broken up into a symbol that represents each of us: Michaël - a bee, Sara - a tree, Heather - a snowflake, Gavin - a fish. Originally Heather drew a computer for Michaël and a fishing hook for Gavin...but that wasn't as good or as nature-y.

Heather's Original Sketch