The beginning.

The beginning.

It all started as a dream...

after we (Sara, Michaël, Heather, and Gavin) had a discussion about what we would love to have in life. Turns out, we wanted the same thing: land, a house, a garden, and a large garage/shop.

One of us (we don't remember who) threw out the idea...why don't we buy a big piece of property together. Then we can share tools, toys, outdoor space, and we can work together to maintain a garden. We wouldn't need to have multiples of everything on two separate properties. It was such a simple concept. Sharing resources and caring about the environment.

That was just the beginning and the idea slowly snowballed over a few years.

We selected Vancouver Island for our homestead. This was for a few reasons: land is still reasonably priced, Michaël wanted to be near the ocean [west coast, best coast], Heather could still ski, there are plenty of job options, Gavin liked the idea of golfing and fishing year round, the climate is pretty great, and there is already family there (Harry and Janyce - Sara and Heather's parents).

The plan really kicked into gear in 2017 when Heather decided to sell her home in Calgary and move to Canmore with Gavin. The time was then, things weren't going to get any cheaper.