As everyone is aware (and if you're not you don't know Gavin very well) Gavin loves fishing, talking about fishing, thinking about fishing, researching fishing locations, anything fishing. Even at 2 years old Eloïse knew "Gavin likes fishes".

Gavin and Heather went to visit the property in February 2019  (this was Gavin's first time there). They decided to go explore the neighbouring communities to see what they could find. When driving through the Bowser area they came across a Fly Shop, Nile Creek Fly Shop. Gavin was beyond excited.

Of course, Gavin insisted on stopping in to see what it was like and to buy a few flies. Both Heather and Gavin ended up meeting the owner of the shop. He was extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and full of stories and more stories. They had a hard time getting out of the store! He tried to convince Heather that she should get into fishing...but I think we will let Gavin keep that as his thing.

After leaving the shop Gavin couldn't stop talking about all the things he had learned. It turns out that the lake near Harry and Janyce's house - Quennell Lake - is one of the top 10 bass fishing lakes in Canada. Maybe we should have bought a property closer to them after all?

When the houses are built and we all move to Fanny Bay, we hope we will see Gavin every so often - when he's not too busy fishing.